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Bruins (2-0) at Rags (0-2) Wed 23 Jan 730PM EST NBCSN ,98.5 FM

NY Rangers Website For Starting Line-up

Bruin Website For Starting Line-up

The Bís and Rangers are meeting Wed for the 630th time in their franchise histories, with Boston holding a 285-240-97-7 record .

Oher games this Wed evening :

Maple Leafs v. Penguins ‎
Blue Jackets v. Coyotes
Flames v. Canucks ‎
Canadiens v. Capitals

Other Links To Other Places:

Thanks for letting me host the GDT for the Boston Bruins in 2013 . I will be your host for six - eight Bruin games this season .

In each of my six GDT's , I will post 10 Questions and one Tie-Breaker question used only in case of a tie . Each question will be worth one point each if answered correctly by you , the player . The winner of the game will be awarded the extra point for the TB if its used and an additional two points for the game victory . A maximum of thirteen points could be awarded in each of the YNOT The Bruins GDT.

The link provided
YNOT The Bruins 2013 Standings
will be updated with the results of those who played when I host the next GDT . I will record the results after the evenings game is finished .
We are on the honour (honor) system here , if you play and post your answers before game time , I will count you as in . No additions after puck drop . And no editing your result as the game is being played obviously or when its over to suit your score better , thats so Montreal Canadien ( bush league )

If you noticed on theYNOT Standings page , an old Bruin sweater/jersey , that is what the winner of this years YNOT The Bruins recieves for their winning effort . I accidently ordered two a couple years ago so I think I wore it once and wear the other one so I might as well play if forward as they say .

Any questions ? .... besides my eleven I will be happy to answer as we go along or you can PM me and I will respond that way also .

YNOT is not my creative idea but I did run it on a football site for many years and it was quite fun . If you are a fan of the Bruins , you will be a fan of the YNOT game as well . You can copy - paste - highlite the answer of your choice and post it in this thread .

Best of luck .

YNOT The Bruins Game Number One


1. Will there be a Bruin goal within the last five minutes of the game ? ( Y - N )

2. Who will win this hockey game ? ( Bruins - Rangers )

3. Will this game be decided by a shootout ? ( Y - N )

4. How many unassisted goals will there be in the game ? ( 0-1 / 2 / 3 / 4 or more )

5. Will there be a player with more than one goal in this game ? ( Y - N )

6. Which team will be assessed the first penalty of the game ( Bruins - Rangers - Both )

7. Will there be a shut-out recorded in this game ? ( Y - N )

8. Besides the obvious 0-0 tie , will there be another tie in this game ? ( Y - N )

9. Which team will have more power play goals ? ( Bruins - Rangers - Same )

10. Of the games scheduled Wed evening , will this be the one with the fewest goals scored in regulation time ? ( Y - N - Tie )

TB. What will the shots on goal total be ?

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