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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Go through this forum's archives and look up the Gomez trade thread. People knew it would suck.

You know what, let me find the threads for you:

Boston Bruins Board from June 2009:
Nearly all the Bruins fans are celebrating how bad the Habs are going to be, no hindsight required

Edmonton Oilers board from June 2009:
Mostly recognizing it as a good trade for NYR

Montreal fans on a different hockey board criticizing the trade in June 2009:

And finally, from this very board:

Nearly everybody knew it was a bade trade at the time except your beloved professionals.
I'll speak for myself. I'm not exactly a shaman here, I know, but I'll also note I was far from alone in this. The only part I really got wrong was that nobody really viewed this as 'we should have gotten Vinny L so we really really hate Gomez now.'

WG 06-30-2009, 11:03 PM
This whole thing is just awful. In rough order

1) Gomez' salary limits our other options.
2) This is a terrible contract and actually giving up three useful assets is crazy, as opposed to offering a bag of pucks. Sather: "Well, what do I get out of this? "You don't have to pay Gomez that foolish contract now F off and stop asking about McDonaugh."
3) End of Koivu in Montreal.
4) Related to 1) why not try to sign UFA's first then fall back on this as plan B if you cannot get Sedins, Hossa, whatever.

and to your point, how about:

5) If it's even possible, this move will actually make it less likely for us to get FA's in the future.

Think about the most vilified players on the team over that past 10-15 years; Brisebois (V.1) and Theodore were near the top of the list, because they signed big deals and couldn't live up to them. Not that they were THAT bad, simply performance < contract.

Now consider Gomez, who has absolutely no chance to perform up to his contract. He's a nice player, but zero chance he can reach a level of performance where you'd say, 'yeah, $7.3M for him isn't too bad'. Now add to this the fact that everyone expected Vinny, so Gomez will be the overpaid, underproducing, American-born face of failing to land Vinny. He will be booed to extinction and this will add to the belief that players should go find any other place to play than Montreal.

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