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01-21-2013, 09:32 PM
Sean McG
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- The apparent 180 in attitude with this team regarding sticking up for each other... any time someone has touched Miller this season, the Sabres have taken a penalty doing something to protect him.
- VHP. Playing like a first line should, all of them getting points. Hodgson doesn't look out of place at all.
- Miller. Never makes it look difficult but he made 34 saves, the kind of play we'll need from him this season to be contenders.
- Stafford. Little thing I've noticed from the first two games, he seems to be connecting on a LOT more passes. I feel like last year that breakaway pass to Vanek against Philly wouldn't have happened. He gets a lot of passes on the tape.
- Grigs in the defensive zone. He was almost always the first forward back and made several plays getting his stick on the puck. Absolutely not out of place playing defense in the NHL.
- Ott. He's awesome.
- Sulzer. So solid defensively. I can't think of a big mistake he's made in these two games.
- Defense overall was pretty good, definitely frustrated the Leafs forwards getting into the zone, it was just a struggle once it got into the zone.
- The calls we're getting this season.... is that now four disallowed goals in two games? I don't think I've ever seen that many go one way.
- PK. That extended 5-on-3 was amazing.
- Beating the Leafs.

- Grigo's confidence with the puck on offense. I really wish he would've shot on that 2-on-1 and scored, because it feels like he's so concerned with playing defense he doesn't want to get caught making a mistake.
- Got absolutely killed at the dot, 46-19, against a team that I don't think most would consider seriously deep at center. And oddly enough it wasn't Grigs who killed us.. he was 4/7. Hodgson (5/17) and Ennis (2/12) is really bad.
- Also got outshot by a lot.
- Ennis' miss on the pass by Vanek.
- Scott losing to Orr.

- Giving out scarves to their fans is the most Toronto thing ever.

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