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Originally Posted by The Zetterberg Era View Post
He did square up for a second and drop his gloves. He was getting mugged off the faceoff, but what happened to Sheahan was an important pro lesson in a game like this. He went to the ice and expected it to end, which it should have in most cases. However while his fight had broke out my guess was he hadn't determined that this was an all out line brawl case. No help was arriving and Beach took the opportunity to take advantage. So when Riley went to the ice he was expecting it to be done and it wasn't. By the way Grant did the same thing to Beach, he was the Griffin I would suspend was amazed he wasn't kicked out of the game. That was why Beach wound up hurt, Grant got a hold of him on the ice half way through the event and was really going to town.

Tatar already got Clendening pretty good and I think a part of Rockford doing this is they know they don't go back to Grand Rapids. But I have had enough of this team and these tactics. It needs to be stopped. The next game the first shift Pirri plays Callahan or Grant should go out and force him to go and beat him until they are seperated or other players come in. They cannot continue to get bullied, I like that they stood up but it is time for a more forceful message to this Rockford gang. If you continue to target stars as Beach has done a couple times this season, we will make your stars pay for it. They have done it too often and they deserve what is coming at this point, simply standing up to Beach and Brookbank isn't getting the message across.

Second video above shows the answer we have been asking, Lashoff and Grant were the first off the bench to protect Sheahan. They come flying into the screen.
Yeah, exactly. It wasn't a suckerpunch that started the fight or something. The cheap stuff happened once Sheahan hit the ice, where in the normal case the linesmen would've stepped in but was too much going on and Beach took some liberties.

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