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01-21-2013, 10:53 PM
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The article is what it is, a media outlet trying to generate readership. Some of what they say in the excerpted portion (which is what I read) is accurate some of it is personal opinion.

What the excerpt says about Burke is what it is. It is not overly off the mark in its assessment but is one dudes opinion which will spark discussion/readership one way or the other.

Originally Posted by daveleaf View Post
Spot on as far as I am concerned. Most over rated executive in the history of hockey.
Glen Sather says hi.

Originally Posted by daveleaf View Post
This teams standings are his own. The trades are his own. His blow ups with the media are all his own. Wherever Burke lands he has an issue with someone shortly after. I wouldn't be surprised if he says he would rent out a barn at any place and any time and take on Anselmi and Lowe together.

Most over rated hockey executive of all time. Wilson most over rated coach of all time.
Again, Glen Sather says hi.

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Well, what exactly is wrong about that?

The guy refused to ever acknowledge even the slightest mistake and anyone who criticized him in the media (Simmons, radio, Cherry) would face him in a personal war of words rather than sticking to the issues or even accepting the criticisms.
Sounds like the internet being played out in real life.

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