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01-21-2013, 10:01 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
No. Subban is worth more than $3 but no more than $4.5 in my opinion which does not count for anything. So that is irrelevant what you or I think he should get.

Subban/Meehan and Bergevin had an opportunity to negotiate the contract before the season began.

Meehan is a hardball agent. Everyone knows that. Regardless of what Subban thought was right or a good offer, I am sure that Meehan told PK to say no and to make management sweat a little bit.

Then the lockout happened.

Now Subban is missing playing time and the lines in the sand have been drawn.

Hell, look at the emotion coming from the pro-Subban posters just for laying fault on Subban. You think that the players are just sitting around not giving a **** about what is happening?

Subban is becoming increasingly more toxic for this team as each day passes.
You seriously don't make any sense...
You're saying Subban is worth more than 3M to you, so there's a very good chance he feels the same. But then you simply assume that PK got offered a better deal and was told by Meehan to just sit at home and be greedy. Not sure how you simply came to that conclusion. Meehan is a tough negotiator, not an idiot.
There was rumors on the Hot Stove from credible people like Friedman who said they're offering under 3M for 2years to PK. So, what if that's the actual offer from Bergevin. Would you say PK has every right to hold out because he feels under 500K more than Brandon freaking Prust is a joke of a deal?
Another rumor came out today that PK is actually asking for 6years for 24M.

Ever since the beginning, you've been all over PK. It's all about him being greedy and selfish. You made those assumptions solely based on hearsay and rumors.
When people said you should chill out and perhaps wait for more facts to come out before making these assumptions, you simply ignored every argument coming your way and stuck with your unfounded and baseless assumption.
I don't understand why someone you do that.
You can chose to believe whatever you want, but have some restraint. No problem with you believing that PK is the one being greedy but keeping some reservations because we just don't actually know for a fact.
We could have had a simple and interesting discussion, and try to see what would make more sense (PK holding for a huge deal vs MB going for a low balling offer), but you refuse to do so and stuck to overemotional and irrational posts.

There's just as many chance that PK is the one getting screwed by management than he's the one trying to screw the them up. I have brought up a bunch of reasons in previous posts as to why it actually makes more sense that it's management trying to low ball PK. There is no reason (not one actual reason has been brought up) as to why PK would suddenly become this selfish player and ask for the moon (by moon I'm talking about 6.5M+). But I always held a reservation because in the end, we just don't know.
You on the other's ''ship out PK because he has no team concept and he's hurting us''. It's been your position right from the first conversation on saturday, and despite having no stats, you haven't moved one bit or expressed any reservation about it.

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