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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Actually yes, some times there is smoke without fire. Do I need to remind you of the darkest day in habs history??
We all know that things get magnified and overblown in Mtl. Can't believe I actually have to tell this to any Habs fan.

As for opponents hating his guts, ya, he yaps. But Lapierre yapped even more yet you never heard opponents make those big declarations about him. You know why? Because he's a nothing more than a grinder.
PK on the other hand, he can yap it out, but he's actually very good. So it's doubly frustrating. Guys can chase him, but they won't catch him. It's actually a quality, it works to our advantage. It's not a flaw.

A bridge contract isn't ideal, especially not for a year. It's actually the worse outcome. In a year he'll get arbitration. You think with another good year, he'll get 4-4.5M off arbitration?? He would cost us even more.

If the rumors of today are true, PK would accept that 4M cap hit over 6years. Not signing him to this deal would be ********. And I really mean mentally challenge.

Who cares about the NTC, so many players have them. Never prevented teams from trading those guys.

There's no way this can be true imo. This would be a deal breaker for any GM. I don't think PK would accept that, but if he would and MB refuses, omg, I can't support it, I just can't.

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