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01-21-2013, 10:14 PM
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Originally Posted by rynryn View Post
yep, all sports are going that way...i don't think money has a lot to do with it here...from what i've heard we don't have nearly the corporate suit presence that they have in places like Toronto and Vancouver. Player safety always comes first etc but football is going the same way. It isn't as exciting to a lot of people when you can't make that monster hit on the receiver stretching for the ball or really lay out the QB. There are still exciting things about the game (and hockey of course) but the sense of danger is disappearing. the vicarious adrenaline rush.

winning will go a long way. It'll take a while to earn back the love though.
It killed Detroit big time. In the 90s when people realized they had a team it was solid. Then once I left and went to college and they won even more it died. Big time suit presence.

Originally Posted by WildisLaw View Post
This is hockey not a tennis match. Every game should be a playoff atmosphere, it's supposed to be an advantage when you play at home not neutral. I watched it on tv and only noticed crowd 3 times: the boo's behind net, the wave, and on the goal.
Good points made by all of you. It'll be interesting as the season progresses as I have 12 or more games I'm going to. Ill be honest, had I brought someone last night who flew in for the game I almost would have been embarrassed....but it wasn't regular sports apathy. Just very pensive.

I will say this though the wave to me is embarrassing. It screams "boredom". Other than when it was invented in the 1986 world cup in Mexico.

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