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01-21-2013, 11:18 PM
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Originally Posted by sharks9 View Post
Agreed, but most teams only have 1 or 2 franchise players anyways. Pacioretty is good enough to be a 1st line winger and Gally should be good enough to be a 1st line center. Hopefully one of our other forward prospects will be able to complete that line.
100% agreed. Pacioretty is a perfect example of a first liner. Between franchise player and 2nd liner. It might not be that cut and dry in reality, but he is nothing but a positive asset (especially with his contract value), and he will be an important piece going forward. Where PK, Price and Gally are slated to be the franchise players, a true cup winner needs the kind of depth that supports elite players with above average play. This puts a team over the top in terms of actually comign through with a cup win (see Chicago's cup team, [shudder]boston's, etc.)

In all honesty I think Montreal Have a good foundation to begin building a roster that can compete for the cup, especially since this season unfortunately doesn't look promising and we'll have some great picks coming up in a very deep draft for Timmins&co. to use. I know alot of people are pretty negative about our future with some of the contracts we have coming, but it seems like our pro scouting will finally stop hindering the success we have at the draft. I have complete faith in MB.

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