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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post

Nobody supports losing all the veterans. We support trading some veterans.

Actually, I specifically said, if by some miracle we did ship out all the veterans (I give that a 3% chance), the youth would only be without veteran leadership for ~15 games. With 30 million in cap space, we would obviously replace a few of these guys.
I never specified your arguments, and I'm sorry but rebuilding usually involved trading most of your established veterans and other assets for picks or young players, no? I would fully support trading veterans for some good return that helps the team now and in the future, but many posters are looking at trading upwards of 4-5 veterans for nothing but picks. That is obviously an issue.

I would NOT like to buy out Markov, which is ridiculous. I do not want to trade Cole, Pacioretty or Gionta unless the return is outstanding, because we need these great role-models to help our young players along.

Trading most of our veterans would be silly, but of course trading some mid-level veterans would be fine. I would have no qualms with doing what Ottawa did, which is a case where everyone said they should rebuild yet look where they are today. They traded mid-level veterans and some placeholders, they picked up some great Swedes, made some solid trades and filled some needs. That isn't what I call a rebuild, that is a nice retool, or a solid build, which is more of what I would prefer the Habs did. Do you understand my stance?

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