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01-21-2013, 10:27 PM
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Originally Posted by 40oz View Post
This is the only thing I've seen so far that's even close to acceptable, actually this is fantastic. Orange ones would have a high probability of being a disaster, and a black jersey is worse than the plague.

Edit: just noticed the number 18 and the C and violently vomited.
Yeah, i dont mind that one either, but i would have to see what it actually looks like on a whole team against the white background of the ice before i could say whether i really like it or not...not really a big fan of orange jerseys....and yeah black has been done to death, only exception i could maybe handle is black and gold with maybe one or 2 other complimentary and/or contrasting colours, but even that would look gimmicky to me. Thats another one i would have to see 1st before making a judgement on it.

Lol, and yeah i hear ya, just think of it as 81 and not 18.

And for the record, i really dont want them to use any other jersey except the one they're using right now, i was just throwing out a couple of ideas i've seen online.

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