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01-21-2013, 10:31 PM
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1. Anyone who thinks schiefly is going to bea gracefull Euro smooth skater is crazy. He's gonna be a crash and bang guy. he's gonna scrabblle for every inch just like his mentor. He goes into the hard places and fights. he draws hits and bumps and falls because he's fighting for position. and he often seems to be where he needs to be despite falling and scrabbling.

2.he has smooth hands and succeded at every level of the game, He has only excelled at every aspect of the game he's been asked to work on. Even in our loses at the worlds He was good.USA was stacked. so be it. Russia was at home, and Canada in thier hearts, had already lost the tournament. so they ended up in 4th place. I don't hold those losses on Mark's head.

3.He needs to be on the ice with.......Dare I say Kane?.......I have been Hard on Evander,yet, I honestly would like to see Kane play with Mark. I think they would work. I would stick Antro on the other wing If he plays like he did when he was 100% healty last year. I think that could be magic. Probably next year.

So Yes he deserves to be evaluated for 5 Games If he scores a goal or a good assist in the next couple I think he will still go down. If he wins a Game 1st star or two, has 3 or 4 goals, or even posts stoe cold stolen type saves against him, despite being on a third or 4th line, it will be a much harder decision. He really needs to shine bright or it is not worth damiging his development for a short term fix.

He's 19. 19. Spezza didn't stick at 19. Just because a player hasn't peaked at 19 doesn't mean it's over. There is lots of time.

puting him out on 4th line is brilliant. He can learn the physical aspect While not being 100% relied upon to carry the offfence. That will come. We know he's a scoring centre. TNSE Know it. They want him to be a career Topline Centre.


Right now they are banging him around and letting him show what he can do in the limited minutes they can give him. now we see if he can help a couple of 4th liners look better. thereby making himself look better.

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