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01-21-2013, 10:34 PM
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Originally Posted by BinCookin View Post
honestly we like Valteri Filppula, likely not going to trade him. (we value him at the 66 pts for a good 2nd liner, as opposed to his previous 40 pts worth 3rd to 2nd liner)

But if you have 8 "NHL" defensemen, none that are really any good. We would honestly trade for any one of them. Because we just played an AHL guy 18 minutes tonight, and he was our 2nd best D man on the team. Our board is losing it on the regular guys, and we adding up injuries FAST!

We would likely be willing to move Miller/Eaves/Bertuzzi/Cleary/Samuelson/Emmerton/Mursak/ to try and get your "least" valuable d-man
Our defense is funny, we really have no big names but they all work great together. They managed to be 8th best last year in GA and were huge in the cup run. If you guys are being bogged down in your own zone too much and need better transitional play, Tallinder and Harrold are the guys you want. Harrold has almost no trade value so I cant see that happening. Greene would also help you out in that department but I dont think Lou would move him unless some good pieces are going his way. If you need a stay at home guy than Volch is your man but once again that NTC will make it tough. Salvador Larsson Zidlicky and Fayne are untouchable IMO. Helm was another guy mentioned on our boards a lot but I think you guys would want to keep him.

Thanks for the feedback guys, just wanted to get some opinions.

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