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01-21-2013, 10:40 PM
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Originally Posted by The Dingo View Post
Unless they are planning on adding 2 teams.... No sir, I don't like it

Agreed. If they're not actually expanding by 2 teams in the moment, there's no need for the imbalance. Imbalance has existed in the past when it was necessary because of an odd number of teams, but if it's not necessary then don't do it.

If they can make the decision about which team will be put in the East in a 4-Division/Conference alignment (which they ultimately must do if there's only going to be 1 ETZ expansion team), then they can make that same decision and put that team in the East in a 6-Division alignment (until expansion actually happens). If then teams in the West fight over who should get that Central Division vacancy, the League then can have a vote to try to decide that; if they can't, then just leave Winnipeg in the Central (again at least until expansion actually happens).

There's absolutely no reason why the decision on which team gets put in the East to replace Winnipeg should be dependent on or held up by a debate about how teams in the West should be realigned.

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