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01-21-2013, 10:45 PM
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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Why not just a 3 year program with some hands on technical skill? Might be a good backup and provide a career or extra job opportunities for summer while in Uni.
Not sure. Don't know if I'll want to work until I'm done with studies. I'm the kind of guy that likes focusing on one thing at a time. Money isn't really an issue for my family, so I don't really see the utility in getting a job during school time. [Unless if it is to gain experience in the field I want to possibly adventure in, which seems to be what you are suggesting. In that case, that might be an interesting option] The thing though is, While I know it is normal to have people in CEGEP 3-4 Years older than you in your classes, I just feel weird about the fact that I'm 1 year older than everyone in my year [Had to go to Immersion classes eventhough my Mom was French Canadian, lived in Asia for a bit]

Something tells me that if a 3 year program might be too heavy for me if its really work-consuming. I'ma go see the councelor soon to see any if any alternatives are possible with a similar course. Just was wondering what your guys' POV on Double DEC's were

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