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Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post
On the contrary. I never said we were great, I said we had a good core. You putting words in my mouth to try winning an internet argument shows, in fact, that "you have no credibility".

The first three paragraphs of your post are so silly. Are they just filler to make your argument look bigger? Why are you asking questions about the past when the current management is 100% different from then? And why are you asking questions with obvious answers? Stop being pretentious.
Because you come here talking like what we're saying is crazy. You. The guy who defends the team no matter what.

Pretentious is coming into a thread after you've been wrong for years and criticizing people who've been right.

Folks like you have been posting on here forever. You'll defend everything no matter what. You probably werent' around for this thread but read the posts. Look at how many people defend the Gomez trade. They do it not because it made sense but because they can't see things objectively and that's exactly the kind of poster you are.
Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post
People like you, people who think rebuilding is the answer to all the club's woes, make me laugh. First of all, rebuilding is all about luck. I see you posting all around the boards, whining that our current prospects are too many "IFs" and "BUTs". What, may I ask, is a bigger "if and but" than the damn draft? A NHL entry draft is one of the biggest gambles in the league, you draft players and HOPE they do well. It's like a lottery. So when you complain about how our team has too many "IFs" and then turn around and want our team to put 100% of our efforts into a draft, which is THE KING OF IF'S, just seems so silly in my eyes.
Yeah right... Why bother trying to build a team then? Just deal away all your firsts and eventually you'll win cups because it's all about luck. Hell it's worked for the Leafs right?

Top picks generate superstars at a much higher rate than 6-10, exponentially higher that 11-30 and eons ahead of 31+. That is not luck. That is MATH.

Yes, you can get unlucky. Your best young player can kill a teammate in a car crash. You can build a great team right before the salary cap's introduction and choose Chara over Redden... bad luck can happen just like good luck can happen.

But you can't plan for luck man. You build your team the best you can and deal with luck as it comes.

Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post
I'm the one saying we need to build, build towards championships. But you and others on the boards cry for "rebuilding" which is NOT the same thing and far more risky. We can build around this good core of youth, but trading away ALL the veterans is so stupid! How can you not see that trading away Cole, who obviously helped Pacioretty tremendously last year, is a BAD idea? How can you not see that trading Markov, who can teach Subban and our defense SO MUCH, is a bad idea? Keeping veteran leadership is mandatory on any team.
Build how? With more mediocre players? You are the guy who defended the hell out of Gomez because you couldn't see the forest for the trees.

Veteran leadership is not mandatory. Esp when it comes at the expense of talent. Talent wins cups man. You'll have vets on the roster and they help but it's talent that wins the day.

And nobody (including me) is suggesting we deal every last vet.

Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post
I'm not wearing rose-coloured glasses,
You've been wearing them for a long time.
Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post
and I never said everything is okay. This team isn't looking amazing obviously. But stop pretending like you've always had the right idea all along. Stop pretending HFBoards has always been right, "saying it for years and years". I remember, one or two years ago, reading these boards, and you were preaching the same thing you are preaching now: rebuilding and making big trades for the future. You ended your argument by saying we needed to trade Pacioretty and a 1st round pick for James Van-Riemsdyk because our team needed a good young power forward to build around. Now, looking back, can you imagine how stupid that would've been? Giving up Pacioretty and Galchenyuk for JVR? Ridiculous.
WTF are you talking about man? I never said to deal away prospects for prospects. We were talking about dealing away Markov, not Max. And if you read it, you'd see that somebody mentioned dealing for Giroux and folks on this board (probably including you) thought it was ridiculous. People flipped out at the very idea of dealing Markov for anything... Well, how about now? The guy might be worth a 1st IF he has a good year.

You don't ever learn.

Would you rather have Giroux or JVRD plus the pick that we would've gotten now or Markov?

Do you get it now? Is it sinking in? YOU were wrong then and YOU are wrong now. We wasted years having our players get older and we've missed out on prospects that we could've cashed in on.

Yet you STILL don't understand this and you come in here as though what we've been saying is ludicrous?

When will you LEARN?
Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post
So yes, YOU have been the one who is wrong.
Yeah, you're right. I'd much rather have Markov now than Giroux or JVRD plus the pick we were talking about....

Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post
Listening to the stupid ideas of ridiculous trades on these boards would be the dumbest thing the Habs management could do. You, and everyone else preaching this stupid rebuild have no idea how that would result, and neither do I. Betting this team on hoping for the best is ridiculous. Marc Bergevin has been the GM of this team for one NHL game and you already want him to blow up this team for a bunch of kids. Do you see how silly that sounds? This thread is gibberish and you can guarantee that experts would never be spewing the garbage that is in this thread.
This thread makes a whole lot more sense than what we've seen for years from management. We've sucked for years and actually YEAH a lot of the proposals over the years (the same ones you are now calling stupid) would've been great for us.

Koivu and Souray for Bobby Ryan? Yeah, I guess that was a stupid idea too right? And please don't give me this (Anaheim wouldn't do it) crap. Bottom line is that guys like you sit there and call us crazy for even suggesting it.

Then the prospect becomes a player and realizes some of his potential and you sit there and call it luck. As though there was no way to see that this player was a good prospect in the first place.

Yet... you STILL haven't learned.
Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
I take that back. This is the best post in this thread AINEC lol..
Apart from basing his post on a trade prosposal that was never made, getting things completely backwards and actually making himself look silly in the process... uh yeah.

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