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Originally Posted by TheMicrowave View Post
I like how you said Ballard is a disaster defensively and add that his offensive game is terrible.

Anyways, have you even watched Ballard play? He's the only defenceman that actually gets involved and plays bigger than his size. You can see him keep getting involved and slashing/pushing the player in front of the net in order to clear him out. He's the only D who has been playing with some intensity.
Unfortunately I think that's just how far his game has regressed. IMO, the only reason he's even on the roster right now is his contract and the fact Mike Gillis doesn't want to admit he made a mistake.

As for watching his game, over the years I've been one of the fans preaching patience with Ballard. I thought he would eventually turn it around, but it's hard to ignore the evidence. Outside of the two or three times a season he makes a nice end-to-end rush, his offensive game is nonexistent. Defensively, his positioning and poor passes when under pressure are constantly putting Tanev in bad situations.

I would also disagree with the notion that Ballard plays bigger than his size. Since the NHL eliminated his hip check, his open ice hits are nonexistent.

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