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Originally Posted by Dharvey33 View Post
Your saying Myers is better than PK? On what planet are you living Pk is better offensively and defensively than Myers plus they have roughly the same age.

Myers scored 26 points last year and 36 the year before he is regressing more than he is improving, and he wasn't sharp at all in his own zone last year. I'd take Fowler before him right now he is a lot better than Myers offensively and he is improving at least.

Jack Johnson one of the worst defensive player in the league is paid 4.2 millions and brings roughly the same offense than PK give me a break Pk being 23 deserve easily 5 mil.
2010-2011 37 points..thats so awful. Also nobody knows what planet your living on if you didn't notice that Myers only played 55 games last yr and had 26 points. Yea really regressing. Your hilarious.

PK was also pretty terrible last yr in his own end. Yes not everything was his fault but he made more mistakes last yr than his rookie year on average. I clearly remember people on here saying "oh wow PK is on the ice for another goal agianst" or "sophomore jinx" ect.

Will he be better than Myers? I have no idea but they could be in the same class.

FYI do some research before rambling on about crap

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