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01-21-2013, 11:42 PM
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Originally Posted by jughead42 View Post
Another powerplay goal, and he was a bit better on faceoffs tonight. He's looking more like a real player than he has in the past, that's for sure. It's just a matter of whether he keeps it up or if he rests on his laurels like he has in the past.

As someone who has criticized Kadri in the past, I find the insinuation that people don't appreciate his talent because of his ethnic background to be insulting. Those with small minds look to that as the only explanation they can come up with, while overlooking more obvious factors like the "I'm entitled to this" attitude he's had since being drafted. I don't remember Schenn or Reilly acting like god's gift to hockey and expecting a job to be given to them, perhaps that is why Kadri is not embraced as much. I know it's one big reason why I didn't like him. The race thing is just stupid.
Schenn was a healthy scratch once in his time in Toronto and it was practically front page news. There's a difference, even if you don't want to acknowledge it.

Granted, you can fairly argue that for most people race has not shaped their perception of him but to dismiss it outright is reckless.

Every person from a racialized minority who has made their way to the higher levels of hockey knows exactly what sentiments truly exist out there, even when they are hidden in hockey cliches.

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