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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Thing is, you either sign a guy or don't. If you can't sign a guy for all sorts of reasons, you trade him. And you do it while the value is pretty high. I don't agree with that bridge contracts Bergevin "seems" to have a fixation on. So I would not agree with a trade. But if HE believes that,s how it has to go, well that's how it has to go. But if the players will never agree to it, you don't make a player sit out the way it could happen. So you trade him. But you had to do it when it was clearly in the summer that it would not happen. I guess that both believes the other party will change their minds, seems that Bergevin won't. So PK, in the end, will actually have to accept whatever offer Bergevin gives him. By doing so, unless we major overpay him, you can bet what you want that PK will do his best to get the **** out of here as soon as he's UFA. And if Bergevin can't play his cards properly, we might lose Subban for nothing. All this for a bridge contract? I guess I've mentioned all the worst that could happen....but it could. Can we take the chance of it happening? Not only is the situation bad for the relation that PK has with his teamates but now it will be bad between PK and the team.

All this, again, because of a bridge contract. All this because we have to give a small contract for players that finish their ELC because we're not so sure of them. Instead of having a vision and knowing that this player will be solid for us, so instead of waiting 1 or 2 years and THEN having to pay an incredibly high amount of money, we could actually save some right now by signing a long term with a better cap hit. A salary that "could" also be tradeable 'cause the cap hit might not be as dramatic as it could be in 2 years.
great points made here...

I disagree with the assumption that PK would sign a long term deal that would be cap friendly. We would save more now ... but what makes you think he's going to ink it? If you pay PK more than 4m per ... you're paying his ''potential'' ... and once you start doing this ALL contract negos are going to be harder. All the young and promissing players will have a starting point to compare to. PK is the odd man out, not overloved by his peers and his opponents ... a little bit flashy ... cocky .... the PERFECT guy for Bergevin to bend over and make an example of. As the days will go by PK can say all he wants about how he loves this town and the fans... truth is people will rally behind bergevin and find it more and more odd that PK is staying home to try and earn undeserved money instead of showing up at the rink. my two cents. pressure is on him, and he's playing it in a dumb way. if you like the town and you're worth 4m ... why can't you delay that ufa year ? not like bergevin is reluctant to throw money at performing players ... carey being a good example. dumb negos from subban side imho.

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