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Originally Posted by bobber View Post
First post on this forum. I also think Steward going to be a good stay at home D man if given the proper amount of ice. As for Max I think the coaching staff need to do a better job developing this kid. As was mentioned he can skate and has a hard shot from the point.

I also think that Stewart could be a good, stay at home d-man. I believe Spott hopes by next year, he will replace what Genovese brought to the back end. But he is way behind Genovese in terms of minutes/games played at the same age. Last year, Geno was a regular in the lineup while Stewart is a frequent healthy scratch.

Therefore, I don't see any sense in him replacing Iafrate in the lineup. Iafrate is a third year player playing a regular shift while Stewart, when he is in the lineup, is lucky to see 5 minutes a game. In a year when we are contending, it just can't happen. I don't know if Stewart is spending any time with the Dutchies, but if he isn't, he should be. He needs the minutes.

Actually, in the event a top six d-man goes down this year, I'd rather bring Jesse Young into the lineup than Stewart. Nothing against Stewart, but Young has been playing big minutes with the Dutchies, has extensive playoff experience during last year's run (most noteable seeing many minutes in the PLY series versus the likes of Devane / Aleardi), and has looked very sound defensively when called up this year.

Stewart's time is next year really - if at all. Considering who we have returning next year (Iafrate, McEneny, Gilbert, and Fanelli as an OA) he's 5th at best and that's before you factor in rookie additions - one of which may be an import and another likely our 1st or 2nd pick. At best, Stewart is a 5th d-man going into next year and that's if we don't draft an import d-man.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't be surprised to see Stewart moved along much the same way Brandon Morris was to Belleville. No room for him in the lineup but unlike the Midensky's of the world, does have some trade value.

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