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01-22-2013, 12:03 AM
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leafs have seriously paid the refs off this season. First game was pathetic (I still can't get over the snowshower penalty after seeing that in EVERY game so far, except an ACTUAL snowshower), today was...oh wow. Of courrrse they would get a penalty to get a 6 on 4 after a post-whistle scrum that was nothing. Of course Kessel can bulldoze Miller while leaf fans will complain and tweet endlessly (the twittersphere almost broke after our disallowed goal when Scrivens wasn't even touched) about how the Habs run goalies all the time. (Take a moment to consider how absurd that statement is.) Lupul on the disallowed would-have-been tying goal (good call on that at least) was standing deep in Miller's crease. Why doesn't he get a penalty for that, but White gets one on our disallowed goal? Sorry, cannot stand the leafs parade going on everywhere I go.

Habs better pick it the F up cuz we're going to lose ground to Ottawa, Boston, Buffalo and even the Leafs if we don't do well this week. Whatever you think about whether we're competing with top teams, doesn't matter, we need to consider every team - never know how it will play out. PK...this isn't funny.

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