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01-22-2013, 12:11 AM
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Originally Posted by CM Lundqvist View Post
Before I even start to argue with you, go back within there and quote where I said that "Derek Stepan is a 50 point player".

Because I don't recall saying that at all. Do I think he will be? I think he'll be a 60+ point player one day. Regardless, it still doesn't change the fact that SAM GAGNER (nice attempt to divert attention away from the topic at hand, by the way) is still a 40 point player DESPITE having an 8 point game.

No one is discrediting Gagner's performance that night. He had a hell of a game, I loved watching every minute of it. However, he's still a 40 point player at the end of the day. Fine by me for a second line player, but we have a guy that in his 2nd season in the NHL put up 50 points and in his rookie year, broke the 20 goal mark. In 2 years, he's accomplished more at the NHL level than Gagner has, 8 point game aside and there's still TONS of room to grow for Stepan.

Gagner has to start showing some sort of progress if he's going to be the player that some Oilers fans think he can be, and there simply is no arguing that.
Gagner's shown some progress, he's just bashed senselessly on the trading boards. Look at oilerbear's statisical analysis comparing p/60 relative to quality of competition/zone starts. Gagner is above average producer while Stepan is way below average. I think they are very comparable players. Also remember, Stepan got to play with Gaborik, which inflated his pt. totals.

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