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01-22-2013, 12:11 AM
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From my personal experience after playing in ASHL, particularly at York location is you have some good refs and a lot of bad refs. Nothing new.

The good refs will give warnings, talk to the players, and make calls. The crap ones don't do anything much......worse when you get two incompetent ones. At least if one is good, he'll make calls.

Taking it up with the league convenor or manager......pretty much gets you nowhere.

Less than three minutes or so left in the game. Team-mate gets tomahawked over the head in our defensive zone. Our bench didn't see it cause the play was in the offensive zone when it occurred. He's out for awhile with a mild concussion. He spoke with the manager at the rink and simply told him this is not what he signed up for.....ASHL - Adult SAFE Hockey League......SAFE being the key word. The offending player in particular had the highest PIM but was never booted out of the league. He was still playing after this incident. Pathetic.

Manager gave him the same blah mate played a few more games - here and there and quit. After that season, I refuse to play in the ASHL particularly at the York location. Sorry, but once they have your money, they simply don't give a ****.

If this seems slanted, well sorry, but personal experience, what I've heard from team mates, and just the **** attitude from the people working in the office there....too bad.

I don't know what its like at the higher levels like A/B/C but when I usually chat with people at pickups and they tell me they play at York ASHL at level D/E, I laugh and wish them luck. Its not the level they play it that I laugh at, but the **** that goes on at that level, the bad refs, and hope to God they don't have anyone get hurt. If someone asks about leagues, I usually recommend them for True North Hockey.

I'll say the Markham Canlan was better in terms of refs when I played a couple of seasons there. Presently, play in private league and pickups with good core group of people. Sorry long post!

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