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01-22-2013, 12:19 AM
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[QUOTE=Kesler is Bestler;58066757]Ok so judging by his quote... its not Philly TO or Florida.

New Jersey Devils - Nope
New York Islanders - Nope

Ottawa Senators - Nope

Chicago Blackhawks - Nope
Columbus Blue Jackets - Nope

Edmonton Oilers - Nope

Anaheim Ducks - Nope
Dallas Stars - Nope
San Jose Sharks - Nope

Out of the teams you listed I wonder if any of these could be potentially interested. How happy is Anaheim with Hiller, San Jose with Neimi, Dallas with Lehtonen, and Ottawa with Anderson. All of these are decent goalies but I wonder if they would be interested in an upgrade? The other ones I think may be in the running are the Oilers and Blackhawks who would probably be interested but would require an overpayment. Even though Columbus and the Islanders are bottom feeders they might be interested it would come down to Luongo's interest in those teams. And finally I wonder if New Jersey would have any interest? Brodeur has to be close to retirement...

These are just me throwing out more options.

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