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01-22-2013, 12:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Kesler is Bestler View Post
Ok so judging by his quote... its not Philly TO or Florida.

New Jersey Devils - Nope/Maybe
New York Islanders - Nope/Huuuuuuuge Maybe
New York Rangers - Nope
Pittsburgh Penguins - Nope

Boston Bruins - Nope
Buffalo Sabres - Nope
Montreal Canadiens - Nope
Ottawa Senators - Nope/Maybe

Carolina Hurricanes - Nope
Tampa Bay Lightning - Nope/Maybe
Washington Capitals - Maybe
Winnipeg Jets - Nope/Big maybe

Chicago Blackhawks - Nope/Yes
Columbus Blue Jackets - Nope/Maybe
Detroit Red Wings - Nope/Massive maybe
Nashville Predators - Nope
St. Louis Blues - Nope

Calgary Flames - Nope
Colorado Avalanche - Nope
Edmonton Oilers - Nope/Yes
Minnesota Wild - Nope

Anaheim Ducks - Nope
Dallas Stars - Nope
Los Angeles Kings - Nope
Phoenix Coyotes - Nope
San Jose Sharks - Nope

My guess, its the Capitals

My thoughts in bold. Could be anyone.

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