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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
just watched the replays of both goals. on the myers goal if bryz had his stick down that may not have gone in but no one can say that it wouldn't have gone in definitively. with that said, bryz was in motion at the time and you'll be hard pressed to find any goalie in the league with his stick down at all times on a play like that. imo that wasn't his fault, i mean it deflected off kimmo's skate for gods sake. sure, the textbook would tell you to have your paddle down pretty much at all times but that's not how it works when you play the game.

on the Hodgson goal, bryz made the initial save on Vanek and the puck popped up and landed in the crease. again bryz was in motion so his stick was up and he actually covered the puck briefly with his glove i believe but Hodgson just kinda bulldozed through knocking the puck in the net with his skate or stick. again i wouldn't fault him for this at all.

if i were a goalie instructor i wouldn't be showing my students this footage as proper stick work thats for sure but as i said at times during a game the textbook goes out the door so to speak and its just reaction (i think this applies more to the Hodgson goal).

to blame bryz on either of those two goals cause he didn't have his paddle down is a stretch imo.
I have to disagree with this. I've been a goalie for over 10 years, played NE Prep. Iv'e always been told to never go paddle down. It opens up a gigantic hole because your blocker is no longer in position and the entire right side of the goal is then opened up. I'm also small for a goalie so maybe that was just how my coaches always told me to position myself.

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