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01-22-2013, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by YogiCanucks View Post
Well that's one way to shut me down quick. I'd love if our ownership was willing to eat the Bryz contract in a buyout if we got the pieces we want coming back the other way. Get the Philly Owner to pressure the GM into something?
Gillis also said he wasn't willing to take a bad contract back, so I think we can rule out taking Bryzy back unless they're paying out the wazoo with young, ELC players. Ed Snider is amongst the wealthiest owners in North American sports, so I don't think buying out Bryzgalov's contract in the summer is the end of the world for him, particularly if they replace him with a proven commodity like Luongo. The odd game Luongo gets lit up in the playoffs will be like ol' times in Philadelphia and their team reacts way better in those situations than ours. See: last year's first round performances against Pittsburgh. They just try to outscore their problems, but with Lu they wouldn't need to do that all that often. He'd feel insulated, I imagine, with their scoring prowess.

Edit: With the likelihood of a massive realignment in the near future, I don't know how much stock Gillis puts into divisions and conferences. Particularly the latter. Chicago and Detroit could be in a different conference. He'll have a pretty good idea of what's likely to happen with realignment too.

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