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Game 2; Jets 1 @ Bos 2 (SO)


Team Stats (WPG-BOS):
Shots: 27-27
PIM: 4-8
Hits: 32-48
Giveaways: 8-9
Takeaways: 7-7
FO wins: 30-37

SOG Leaders:
Buff 4
Kane 4
Thorburn 3

Main FO Regulars:
Slater 9W 5L 64%
Antro 6W 4L 60%
Burmi 5W 8L 39%
Little 3W 5L 38%
Joki 5W 10L 33%


More "artisan" Corsi numbers from and Robert. These are just for the Boston game.
Again, remember that we don't know for sure how the match-up game went, but looking at last year Boston does a power vs power where they line up both their top6 lines against the other teams top6... and with home team last change it appears like it was that way.
Kane -1.1 2.2 45.5%
Jokinen -1.1 1.2 41.7%
Wellwood 0.9 5.2 50.0%
Ladd -3.1 -05.8 62.5%
Little -8.1 -11.8 50.0%
Wheeler -2.1 -02.8 54.5%
Ponikarovsky 2.9 3.2 53.8%
Burmistrov 2.9 3.2 87.5%
Antropov 0.9 2.2 83.3%
Slater 0.9 0.2 21.4%
Thorburn -0.1 0.2 28.6%
Scheifele 6.9 3.2 50.0%
*Kane's line received less OZS, which did damage their very high Corsi from before, but, as I'm sure most of you noticed, increased chemistry allowed them to be more dangerous in the few chances they had today than the many they had on Saturday
*ya... LLW had some rough times today. Noel kept pushing them in the O-zone and they weren't making much use to it today. They did seem to improve in the third period though...
*hey people who says Noel isn't giving anything to Burmi or those that do well... Noel noticed the USSR line was doing well so he gave them some OZS... Antro and Burmi were both given some offensive time and they did well with it, but unfortunately still have yet to score.
*WOW... 4th line didn't just score Thor and Slater were positive with <30% OZS... holly ****....
So it looks like Noel adjusted to Boston's power vs power strategy. Since he knew they were lining up against Kane's line and LLW he pushed the 4th line into the Dzone so that he can push the USSR line into soft offensive minutes. And, we get a bottom 6 goal out of it!

Byfuglien -2.0 -2.5 42.1%
Enstrom 4.0 4.5 42.1%
Stuart -8.0 -4.5 38.5%
Hainsey -5.0 -2.5 41.7%
Clitsome 5.0 2.5 80.0%
Postma 6.0 2.5 100.0%
*Enstrom looked to have a pretty good game. The two weren't pushed into the Ozone like on Saturday but we all noticed they were still pretty strong... Buff got hurt for the few minutes he was away from Enstrom... to get outshot that bad as soon as he moves away from the little guy is a big deal.
*Stuart and Hainsey spent a little less time in the Dzone for two reasons: 1) WPG played better so the ice wasn't as tilted and 2) Buff and Enstrom weren't pushed so forward. While Hainsey and Stuart were in the negatives, I think that most of us who watched thought they did pretty good from keeping things too dangerous
*Thank god... after last game I was hoping Noel would do this. Last game Clitsome and Postma were given ~40% OZS... and it was UGLY... This is so much better.... we all know Postma and even Clitsome can be effective in sheltered scoring minutes so lets use more of this
Again we see that Noel adjusted... Noel pushed Clitsome and Postma into sheltered scoring minutes with the top two pairs taking the toughs... and what we get... bottom pair scoring...

Overall this looks like a better team game and also a better job by Noel. I still think Scheifele and Burmistrov should have had some more TOI in the third period. Noel seems to be a great strategist, even if I don't think he's great at rewarding/punishing personnel.

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