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Originally Posted by TheMicrowave View Post
I have a funny feeling it could be Tampa now I think about it.
Tampa would have been a good destination if Stevie Y hadn't had a moment of enthusiasm or frustration and gone after Lindback. 2 2nds and a 3rd? that's as good as a late first. Way to capital commited to them go after Luongo. Then again it could be something really crazy, Lecavalier. Similarly crazy contracts and they have nmc that would have to be sorted out. I'll just go back to ruling them out, Lecavalier's contract is just impossible to fit unless Tampa eats 30%.

Could the isles be the wild card? They are in NY so Luongo might not mind. They have a player that needs to be dealt with (dipietro) and we have the cash. They could probably spare a centre if forced. They might even consider Ballard.

Edmonton: no, I could see them kicking the tires on Luongo but a trade that close to home isn't happening

Colorado: no, set in goal

San Jose: possible

Phoenix: no, they'll run with Smith again

Detroit: unlikely, Howard is OK and Holland is happy with adequate goaltending. However I wouldn't rule it Holland pulling a surprise

Chicago: low possibility. They need a better goalie, they have some reasonable assets. OTOH both sides hate each other.

Columbus: no, interested but I can't see Luongo waiving

Ottawa: unlikely. Anderson is passable and they have great hopes for Lehner

Washington: no since they will see how things play out for a while, so I can't see them moving until mid feb at the earliest so that would rule them out.

Winnipeg: unlikely. I could see them interested, us dealing with their goalie would be the issue, but I can't see Luongo interested.

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