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01-22-2013, 01:12 AM
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Originally Posted by CM Lundqvist View Post
Wait, so what happened to all of those threads stating that Ales Hemsky was an elite talent?

That never happened, I guess? Or is Ales Hemsky not an elite talent? Mr. Point Per Game Skillset is now not a talent anywhere near the level of Marian Gaborik?

That's funny, because I swore I thought I read a lot of Oilers fans saying things like that around the time that they signed him to his current deal.

Good for him, doesn't change the fact that he's a 40 point player and nothing more.

No, it just doesn't mean that he's proven himself to be more than a 40 point player.

Ok, now you just sound ridiculous. We get the point. Still doesn't change the fact about the actual subject matter.

Yep and when he has multiple 50+ point seasons, we'll start looking at him in a different light.
Gaborik is one of the most talented players in the league, I'm not going to say Hemsky has never been compared to him but you ask any GM which player they'd rather have and I bet the answer is always Gaborik. Also I highly doubt anyone was comparing him to Gaborik after signing his current deal. The media and a lot of posters on here thought that the deal was horrible.

The fact is that Stepan and Gagner are close in age and both could plateau or continue to progress. To write Gagner off because he was able to make the NHL before Stepan is absolutely ludicrous IMO. Within the next 2 years we'll see what both these guys are made of and you may be right and Gagner may never progress and Stepan could jump up to 60 points, but to state that as a fact when both players are under the age of 25 is pure and utter ********.

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