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01-22-2013, 01:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Dirty Danglez View Post
There is a difference between rebuild and retooling. This team needs a few pieces... not an overhaul. Especially after this draft, the cupboard will be full
Honest question about your (and others') opinion on how that would play out.

Let's say we get a full cupboard by sucking this year. How long before we make the playoffs and with a good team that can contend? I really don't want to become a team full of good prospects who are in the minors while our NHL team becomes the embarrassment of the league. I can't let go of the pride to allow us to continue like this and while I get that long term planning is important, what you said is very true - we only need a retool and quite frankly, just a slightly better D (once PK is back). People want to trade Pleks and Gio. I don't get it. They put up points and do their jobs. Trade them for the future then, right? When is this future going to arrive? 5 years? How is this team going to transition from having vets to no good vets and a team of young guys that don't know what to do? We have a pretty good team if you just coach them properly. We underrate our current team IMO and dismantling even a few pieces could set us back several years. I want to win now or next year. Not saying we're getting the Cup, but I remember doing pretty damn well with Habs lineups having less talent.

It's been one game. I need to mainline some Habs victories to satisfy the void that last season created and I believe it can happen, but we do need PK and soon!

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