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Originally Posted by FLYguy3911 View Post
I don't even think he's better than Matt Kalil who came out last year.
That's a matter of opinion I guess. I think he's quite clearly better than Matt Kalil and I think he's a franchise left tackle for the next decade for the team lucky enough to take him. Most scouts and draftnicks seem to agree. Not saying they're necessarily right, just saying popular opinion is on my side. But I don't expect that to sway you, nor would it sway me. I trust my own eyes more than most anyone else.

I also think it will be mighty difficult for Big Red to pass up on Geno Smith. He clearly doesn't have a viable QB right now in KC, and I expect that if he likes Geno @ all, he'll go back to the well once more and try and start his run in KC the way he started his decade of success in Philly; by taking a QB w/ his first pick. So I think there's a chance Joeckel could be there for us.

Originally Posted by FLYguy3911 View Post
I'm not really sold on anyone at this point, but if we switch to the 3-4, I'm taking one of the rush LBs- Moore, Mingo, Jones (my third choice). Star is very good at what he does, but I don't believe in taking two down players that high in the draft and I think the difference between him and a replacement level guy is a lot less than the difference between one of the pass rushers and a replacement level guy at that position. Elite pass rushers are hard to acquire. Just look at the two teams in the Super Bowl. Aldon Smith has been phenomenal this year and Suggs, although not as productive coming off a torn Achilles, has been as productive as anyone in the league since he was drafted in 2003. Meanwhile, the NTs on each team: Isaac Sopoaga a 4th rounder and Terrance Cody a late 2nd rounder.
I think you're dead wrong pinning Star down to a role exclusively as a NT at the next level. Again, scouts and draftnicks actually praise his ability to adapt and view him as one of the most versatile DTs to come out @ his size in recent years. There's no doubt among the scouting reports I've seen that he can play the 4-3 or the 3-4 and in the 3-4 he could play NT or DE.

I also think it's a little misleading to totally ignore the player on Baltimore's DL who Lotuleilei draws strong comparisons to (Haloti Ngata). I remember during our run of success in the early 2000s, everything defensively started from our strong DL and we built from there. If we were switching to a 3-4, I wouldn't mind a DL of Cox-Jenkins-Star
*Jenkins being Johnathan Jenkins, a 6'4 359lb NT from Georgia that has a 2nd round grade.*

I'm not really dead set on anything though. I'd have no problem w/ Moore, Mingo, or Jones. I'd have no problem w/ Star. My first choice at this point would probably be Joeckel, but if we're switching to the 3-4, that might change, IDK.

The only thing I'm really set about is that I don't want Milliner @ #4. If we trade down, then fine.

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