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01-22-2013, 01:20 AM
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Originally Posted by The Aura View Post
Bump. What is everyone's favourite hero? Or your best hero?

Nyx Assassin is my best, one of my favourites as well. Also like Spirit Breaker, Shadow Fiend, Chaos Knight and Sand King
My favorites are probably semi-carries:
Invoker, Mirana, Templar Assassin, Windrunner, Nightstalker, Beatmaster...
Or aggressive carries with mid-game presence (Chaos Knight, Naix, ...).
As far as gankers/support go, probably Nyx Assassin, Lina and Rubick.

In pubs, to me, it's important to have a hero that can be the "playmaker", control the tempo of the game - more often than not, team that starts moving around the map and killing people will win out in pubs - even in my tier ("very high skill") 9/10 times people will still stay in lane and farm (even if they aren't carries) than come and TP to help someone being ganked.

Most hated? Whatever's currently "broken".
Right now, it'd be Undying. He's basically uncounterable in pubs if he's got a pushing teammate or two.
And Dark Seer, always Dark Seer. No nerfs are enough for the mofo.
He's been top pick/top ban forever now.
And Drow. A nooby, no skill hero that can rip you apart with half the farm of your carry. (she isn't "OP", just annoying)

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