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01-22-2013, 02:47 AM
Where's the Hart?
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Originally Posted by Hemsky_83 View Post
To some extent Krueger is right, given where Yakupov was when Daniel got the puck (behind the net), he made the right play (chasing him). But he shouldn't have been there to begin with.

Re-watch the highlight of that goal:

Yakupov is the first forward back on the back-check (surprise, surprise, Gagner), but because he's unfamiliar with the role, skates all the way back behind his goal-line, when his defensemen already had appropriate positioning with the 2 forwards that were there.

I guess the "right" thing for Yakupov to do was to take Gagner's spot and pick up the 3rd man in (which often times is a defenseman that he can just stick with - in fact this time it was Edler). Whitney would then pursue D.Sedin, Gagner would take the familiar C spot in the slot (presumably on Kassian or anyone else pinching into the area), while Hemsky/Yakupov minded a wing.
Yakupov back-checking all the way back to his goal-line was the start of all the confusion on that play.

Thereafter, he played it right (chasing the man with the puck), but by then it was already too late - the lanes had opened up for Daniel to make the play.
I still think that play is on Whitney, why the heck does he goes after the puck carrier when Yak is on him? Also why didn't he just tie him up and take him into the boards when Sedin was first breaking into the zone.

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