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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
A bridge contract isn't ideal, especially not for a year. It's actually the worse outcome. In a year he'll get arbitration. You think with another good year, he'll get 4-4.5M off arbitration?? He would cost us even more.

If the rumors of today are true, PK would accept that 4M cap hit over 6years. Not signing him to this deal would be ********. And I really mean mentally challenge.

Who cares about the NTC, so many players have them. Never prevented teams from trading those guys.
I agree that if PK signed a one-year deal for whatever the Habs wanted, he would probably get big bucks in arbitration, but again, arbitration provides short-term (one or two year) contracts. But I could easily see Subban put up 40 points this year and play 26 minutes a game and then get $5.5M in arbitration.

If PK is truly willing to give up some $$$ to get a 6 year deal now, which includes 2 of his UFA years, I would have to consider it, if I am MB. That is a VERY tradeable contract. And even if an NTC were included, MB could probably negotiate some of the terms. i.e. make it partial NTC, and more importantly, it would only apply to the last 2 years of the contract because you cannot benefit from a NTC before the point in time that you would have been a UFA.

So if the offer is really 6 years at $4M, take it because it locks up the last piece of your young core for the lowest price of the three (Price and Pacioretty being the other two). If there is a window of opportunity to go for the cup, it will probably be within this 6 year period, anyway. Not much, if anything, will be saved by doing arbitration every year or two. Chances are that would be MORE expensive.

Of course, this is all predicated on the rumours from Hot Stove and now today being true.

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