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01-22-2013, 03:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Forgedias View Post
My point with my post which seems to have elicted that we would be nuts to trade our vetrans, my point is, is this team a Stanley Cup contender. Be very honest with yourself and look over the roster right now. A playoff team is one thing, but a Stanley Cup contender is completely different. Do we have the offense and defense pieces to make a run at the Stanley Cup. I have serious questions about that.

If your a hardcore fanatic fan, you will always side with the opinion that if we make the playoffs, then any team can win the Stanley Cup. Well... We have been making the playoffs with the exception of last year and for what 20 years now we failed to win the big prize. Its been way too long since Montreal won the Stanley Cup.

So my question is, is this roster good enough to be a contender. I simply don't think so, Gainey and Gauthier committed several blunders in signed certain players to long term contracts and now look what is happenning. Most of those players are being slowly moved. Cammalleri, Gomez, the rebuild is already happenning. There is a new direction that Marc Bergevin is heading, where and who he brings to Montreal will be an intresting to see.

I expect this roster to continue to change after this season, we may even be watching the start of a rebuilding process. Only time will tell if this is whats going to happen.

But to go back to my previous post, I'm just offering a way for Montreal to actually become a Stanley Cup contender and not go through the hard road that a full rebuild would entail because right now, its very hard for me to say that Montreal can make a deep push for the Cup with this roster.
we dont need to START a rebuild when one is already underway...

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