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This will probably be a longer story as the wrestlers I have come to love transcend about 20 years due to my friends. I started watching regularly about 4 or 5 years ago. I always had an interest in wrestling but growing up I was not allowed to watch it. Whenever I could, I'd watch however probably as far back as 10 years ago.

I didn't get big into wrestling however until I met some of my friends from highschool and started playing No Mercy and I started really becoming hooked by it. My two friends and I have basically covered watching wrestling since about 1992. My one friend had older brothers who watched it and from 3 years old (he once as a 5 year old double axe handled his grandmother from the staircase bannister) watched until the late 90s before stopping. A couple weeks ago we re-watched the 92 Royal Rumble. My other started watching when the Rock and Austin really started to come to prominence and watched until around 2006 or so, and I basically covered most of the WWE after that. So our wrestling conversations usually are interesting to say the least. Sorry for the tl;dr version of that.

My top 10 would probably go something like:

1. Kane
2. William Regal (also love the Real Man's Man gimmick as well. That should have worked imo)
3. Scott Hall
4. Bret Hart
5. Davey Boy Smith
6. Vader
7. Jake Roberts
8. Keiji Mutoh (The Great Muta)
9. The Big Boss Man (can't believe I'm the 3rd one in this thread to say Big Boss Man)
10. Edge

And I feel I left some other favourites off like the Road Dogg, Sting, Owen Hart, Christian, Chris Jericho, Mr. Perfect, Goldust and even Jim Neidhart. My friends and I probably enjoy Shane McMahon far more than we should as well. We always end up creating him in every wrestling game we've played using the blue shirt attire from No Mercy.

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