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Originally Posted by CharaTriedToEatMe View Post
In his defense... he probably wants balconys and good low row shoot 2x or center ice seats rarely pop up on SH for a decent price. And in those higher rows on the ends you can get unlucky and have a person in the couple rows in front of you be in front of you and the net and stand up everytime there is a scoring chance.

Everytime I've sat in something cheap in the shoot 2x end and not used my own tickets this has happen and the seats have been absolutely brutal.

Best "cheap" SH seats are something rows 11/12 or so sections 318, 319, 328, 329 goal line shoot 1x. Can see both goals well. Thats what I'd go for. Or Loge 15/20 those usually have good deals and are a good view. Most of the balconys that are on stubhub and are basically the cheapest way in suck.
i agree.
im in 328 and love the seats. Im also in the last row, so i can stand up the whole game. Good for someone 6' 3".
I wouldnt give up my seats for anywhere else unless it was the last row.

I remember in the playoffs game 5 against tampa when i caught the puck, we were sitting row 5 behind the penalty box. I hated those seats. i would rather sit in my last row in 328

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