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Originally Posted by Habsolument View Post
I was on the Bruins' board earlier to laugh at the Patriots thread since I despise them nearly as much the Bruins (good 'ol shadenfreude). It got me to think about how much I dislike their fans. However, it also made me realise how I can't really stand Habs fans either. I've been on HF for 9 years and while there are many great knowledgeable people on the forum, I find myself being more and more disappointed and angry at my own fanbase as time goes by. Negative, whiny, overeacting bunch of fans?!? Ain't nobody got time for that.
Great post.

Perhaps the Habs forum needs to be split in two, to better represent the motives of the 'fans'. It's like we fans of the team - who want them to do well no matter what - have to fight against the so called fans who want the team to fail. We loyal fans have to fight against 30 other fanbases - sort of a unique situation.

Tank nation? Sounds like a wannabe copy of laffs nation. Perhaps it's time to take the tank to THEIR board, 'fans'...

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