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01-22-2013, 06:30 AM
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Funny.. this is pretty much the same situation that the Leafs had when Sundin was still with them: a highly-skilled player with nobody to play with. The only difference her is Sundin was a career PPG player who could actually carry a team on his back whereas Kessel is not a career PPG player and caanot carry a team on his back.

The only reason that "Philly Cream Chesse" is a Leaf right now is because Brian Burke completely mis-read the talent level of the team at the time of "The Trade". Since that ill-advised trade, there has been no appreciable increase in the talent level of this team.

As it stands right now, because of the distinct lack of talent currently on this team, the best way for Phil Kessel to help this team get better in the long-term is by getting traded off this team for multiple high-end assets who can help this team down the road.

The Leafs are going nowhere fast, he's coming off of a career year and his trade value is at the highest level it has ever been; now's the time to capitalize on that high trade value before it begins to drop. Another good reason to trade him is because defensuve systems are anathema to his purely offensive game. We've seen how his offensive game was affected while he played within Julien's defensive system. As a result, Phil just couldn't get out of Boston fast enough.

Now playing under Carlyle and his defensive systems, Phil's production is likely to plummet back to the level it was at when he left Boston. Do we really need to see that happen? I don't think so.

Therefore, it would be best to trade Kessel now for the best possible return before his stock takes a tumble.

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