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01-22-2013, 06:50 AM
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Originally Posted by tomcatNYR View Post
It's very easy to get around the blackout restrictions with some stuff that I'm not gonna talk about here, but it does suck for us in Germany.

I have basic cable + Sky (Welt, Film, Sport, Bundesliga) but the Sky package doesn't include ESPN America for Kabel Deutschland (Niedersachsen) customers. Instead, all Kabel Deutschland customers have to buy the KABEL KOMFORT PLUS HD PREMIUM SUPER PACKAGE for 29,90 euros / month to get ESPN America + 1500 useless channels like "The Poker Channel" or 20 different Turkish news channels. Not in a million years am I gonna do that.

The GameCenter serves its purpose, although the iPhone app is total garbage and I hope they fix it asap. For someone who can't watch videos on the work CPU, I rely on my iPhone and would love to watch the highlights at work on the iPhone.
Yep it's really easy to get around. I don't have hd cable being that I don't really watch much T.V. I live in the same building as my landlord and I split the cable off of his line so I get what he gets. Gamecenter on the xbox looks fantastic and it's great to be able to watch the Rangers in HD. Standard def looked horrible.

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