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01-22-2013, 08:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Reesor01 View Post
8-2 in that Moncton game and all of the sudden it was 8-6 in a 4 or 5 minute span. We were just lucky we had that big of a lead.

In the Victo game, we'd work hard to score one, and then give one up like a minute after each goal. Just a few mental lapses that we'd have to control in an environment like the President's Cup Finals and beyond.

But like you said, we'd turned it around the other way as well. The PEI comeback was impressive. As was the resolve we showed on Sunday. As long as we play 60 minute, whether up 6 goals or down 3, we'll be fine.
We still have just 4 regular season losses, and average 5-2 wins I believe. We can`t be perfect every game. I`m sure if you looked back at all the league champs the past few years, there were some mediocre losses, and games where they were trailing in the third but pulled out a win... or games where they led 5-0 after 2, and won 5-3 or something.

The thing I am hopeful for this year compared to last year, is that we don`t run out of gas. Last year Konrad played a ton whereas this year he has shared those minutes more and missed a month (rest) as well. The forward lines are 4 deep and I can`t see them wearing down in a playoff run. We have more size with grit this year too, with Fournier/MacAuley being in the mix. And our 2nd line HAS to be more consistent than last year, as they have been all year.

On paper, and in the standings, nobody SHOULD beat us in a best of 7... but I will never be that confident lol. Playoffs are a different story. I do expect us to breeze through to round 3 though. Teams will have to be very defensively aware of us every single shift. There is really no easy line to play against.

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