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01-22-2013, 07:47 AM
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What measures should Crosby take to try avoid concussions?

What measures should Crosby take to try avoid concussions?

1. Do you approve Crosby dishing out BIG hits like the one Bickel vs NYR? I am just talking about the BIG hits here, not the occasional bumping into players. (Hitting increases the chance of retaliation hits possible causing a concussion)

2. Do you approve Crosby getting into between whistles scrums? (Engaging in verbal and physical battles creates anger towards Crosby and the opponent is more likely to go out of the way to get back at Crosby with cheapshots etc.

3. Do you approve Crosby fighting to jump start the team like he has done in the past? (Explanation not required = fighting dangerous for the head)

4. Am I the only one to cringe everytime Crosby is hit? I feel holding my breath worrying about Crosbys health is taking away some of the enjoyment I get out of the game.


Am I just paranoid pointing out these factors? Or do you think the Penguins organization has discussed some of it with Sid?

I for one think Crosby should be able to be smart in all situations above and still play at the highest level, he can be angry and aggressive without getting into fights and between whistles arguments.

I am perfectly aware there is no way of eliminating the possibility of concussions entirely, but minimizing the risk would be worth it, correct?

We all know that Crosby might be one concussion from retirement - so I would be doing everything possible to reduce the risks.

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