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Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post
It doesn't matter what you get out of trading a veteran. Why does everyone think solely in trades? If you trade Plekanec, let's say, how do you know what you get in return will be anywhere NEAR as efficient as he could be now and in the next 5 years? Of course trading him NOW will get us a better return than LATER, but that return most probably won't bring us anything near as good as what he currently brings us now. Do you see my logic here? Just simply trading vets for the sake of trading them is never going to work, and never has worked.

Actually, we want veterans to help support the youth and help develop them. We need players that have experience in the NHL, in the playoffs it is even more important. Imagine what it would look like if we traded Gionta and Cole for the sake of trading them, got some young decent players or maybe a second rounder or two out of them. That won't benefit the team now, and only has a small chance of doing anything near as useful in the future as what they would've done on the team. As you can see, it all depends on WHO you want to trade, and for WHAT.

As everyone said, we all agree on trades that are good for the team, but we most likely won't get anything as useful in the future by trading our veterans now as these veterans probably would've done by keeping them on the squad. So what's the point? Well, it all depends on the return. Keep in mind, you're not getting many number one picks for most of our veterans, and they are much more useful on this team than what a 2nd-3rd round pick will ever get us, most probably.
I should've clarified: I don't want a wholesale dumping of every veteran. As you said, we need a veteran presence for the younger guys and because players in their mid-30s aren't exactly doddering cripples. I love Plekanec and Gionta, and Pleks will only be 33 in my imaginary 2016 scenario. So yeah, I'd resist trading Plekanec for his mentoring, but mostly because a 33-year-old Plekanec will still be very valuable to our team on the ice.

As for the central question of WHO for WHAT, it all depends on the WHAT. As in WHAT is available from WHERE. Teams whose windows are NOW will value our quality vets because they're thisclose to a possible Cup run. We could get a draft pick. We could get a young roster player. Of course there are no guarantees -- this is a given -- but the point is to stack the deck in our favour as much as possible, knowing that some players won't pan out, but a few others just might.

In all this speculation there are two absolute guarantees: 1) Dealing some (not all) of our vets frees up a ton of cash. And 2) These same vets will NOT be key parts of our future 2016 team. We'll have money to spend and players coming this way. Then we can decide whether those players should be draft picks or UFAs, depending who's out there.

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