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01-22-2013, 09:25 AM
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It's been said several times already, but I agree. Sunday night in the new section 222 was abysmal. There was no legroom at all. You cannot adjust in your seat if you are 5'7" or above. If there's a large person next to you, expect to be rubbing legs with them the entire game. The seats are smaller... which leads to another problem. I was in row 15, and during a few scoring chances, a few people started to lean forward or slightly get up... You know, anticipating a goal. There were more than a few people screaming bloody murder about those people leaning up. It was a bit pathetic. I understand these are people coming from the 400s, row 1, where they didn't have to worry about people in front of them. I was coming from the last row of the 300s, where I had a wall behind me and standing wasn't a problem, if I chose to do that. But these guys/gals need to relax.

At least the 200s will be a little louder than the 300s ever were. But that's the only good thing about this.

Literally no room to move on the steps up/down from the seats. Also, getting rid of the entrance hallways/gates is a major mistake. Having the narrow corridors now is very claustrophobic. And a delayed feed on a TV above it while your waiting for the whistle isn't much of a problem-solver. (Lack of room to get to your seats also leads to another problem -- there is no hope of getting to your seat and sitting down before play resumes... leading to even more impatient whining.)

But again, this is all just pissing and moaning because there's not one single F to be given by the Garden.

As for the ice, I have no problem with it being brighter. I'm sure that's better for the players. However, I would have been more than happy if that was the only change they made to the old girl. The old Garden was just that -- old. But it was still absolutely good enough as it was.

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