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01-22-2013, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Hozzer View Post
Keep in mind, when Car Bomb comes back, Bollig is probably the odd man out. Stay optimistic, guys. We're on fire and looking good
Agreed. So far so good. And it seems like the media and even the team themselves are drawing some parallels from the 2010 team. They're nowhere near as deep as that team but there are some similarities in the way they're playing. That "never say die" attitude that keeps them coming back from goal deficits, the focus on puck possession and fast breakouts, the creative passing plays, bringing the d-men into the rush, etc. It's all stuff we've been missing the past two years because we've either been playing under a different system or the players just weren't talented enough to get it done. I'm leaning towards the latter but regardless this team is moving in the right direction.

There's a good chance we'll lose tonight, the Blues are a great team and we know how the Hawks seem to get too amped up for their home openers and try to do too much which usually leads to turnovers galore. I'm sure everybody will start pointing fingers and focus on everything that went wrong, which is natural. But this roster is slowly building back to what we had in 2010 and I'm starting to warm up to what Bowman has been doing with it since we were gutted.

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