Thread: Confirmed with Link: Hawks trade for Karlsson (G - Calgary)
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01-22-2013, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by IU Hawks fan View Post
This guy is NOT an NHL goalie though. Take the Emery hate goggles off for a second a think about that. You're calling others ignorant when you're the one ignoring the fact that this guy has played less than 30 NHL games in his career!!
Karlsson career with Flames

26 GP .9047 SV%

Emery career with Hawks

35 GP .8999 SV%

I've watched both play, Karlsson moves much better and has better size. The rest of their attributes are similar.

We haven't even accounted AT ALL for the difference between playing for the Flames and the Hawks, and also, Emery plays a lot and gets to stay sharp and at the very top of his game at all times while Karlsson plays a couple times a month.

So where are you going with this idea that Emery is better than Karlsson?

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