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Originally Posted by Iron Duke View Post
Even had Hannan jumped up on Tarasenko immediately, it was still a 3-2 entering the zone, and who knows what the result would have been. Like you say 101, his indecision caused the goal, though I think Peks probably needs to come up with one. Hannan misplayed it, but I'm not so sure he got "burned."

And you're absolutely right about the culpability of our forwards in the defensive/neutral zone. Poor clearances, poor passes, and some terribly poor decisions on breakouts. I think a lot of that is just rust and lack of rhythm, though, at this point in the season.

Way too early to tell, but Josi replacing Suter seems to be one of the lesser worries for this team at the moment.
I like to spend my time during games focusing on one player to see how they're doing. Since Hannan is new, i've focused on him for the first two games. My impression is that if he continues the way he's played he's going to be a pretty good addition. He looks small and compact until you see him standing next to other players. He is better at separating people from the puck than many of our other defensemen (certainly better than suter ever was at this single aspect). His decisions with the puck seem generally solid, but I have to say that our forwards are not making it easy on our defensemen in general during the first two games. (lots of poor choices with angles to recieve the pass and not giving the defensemen good moving targets to hit in transition). The play in question was not his fault at all. It was 3 on 2 but there was 2 on 1 on his side with no support at all, so the goalie is supposed to have the shooter. If a forward with a puck can cut so cleanly to the middle on his forehand as Tarasenko did, it's generally a failure of the backcheck.

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