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01-22-2013, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by BernieTheGreat1 View Post
I have to disagree with this. I've been a goalie for over 10 years, played NE Prep. Iv'e always been told to never go paddle down. It opens up a gigantic hole because your blocker is no longer in position and the entire right side of the goal is then opened up. I'm also small for a goalie so maybe that was just how my coaches always told me to position myself.
always paddle down is not what i meant. i read my post and it's what i said but not what i meant. i meant stick down which is a huge difference i know. bryz has the tendency to pick his stick up off the ice while down and in motion i've noticed. sorry for the confusion.

oh btw i'm not big at all for a goalie either (5'10") but i was never told to not go paddle down. in fact we did plenty of paddle down drills (especially for wrap arounds and extreme angle shots). i'm actually shocked you were told never to go paddle down. i know it actually opens up both top corners especially blocker side but it has its uses.

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